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Etapa de potencia Wharfedale de 2 x 600W, CPD 1600

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CPD 1600

El CPD1600 es parte de la última línea de amplificadores de potencia profesionales de Wharfedale Pro que conduce un audio impactante desde la parte delantera de su lugar, hasta la parte posterior.

Para usar en estéreo, el amplificador ofrece 400 W RMS por canal a 8 ohmios y 620 W RMS por canal a 4 ohmios; Una potencia adecuada para sistemas completos de megafonía de tamaño pequeño a mediano. En modo puente a 4 ohmios, el amplificador genera 1600 W RMS, perfecto para alimentar un subwoofer integrado en un sistema de megafonía más grande, por ejemplo.

La máxima fidelidad y durabilidad del audio en el espacio libre es, por supuesto, vital, mientras que además nos enorgullecemos de un valor inmejorable. La serie CPD se fabrica bajo nuestro estricto control de calidad, al igual que todos los productos Wharfedale Pro, lo que hace que sea un amplificador en el que pueda confiar desde el precio hasta el rendimiento.

Key Features

  • 8 Ohms x 2: 400W RMS
  • 4 Ohms x 2: 620W RMS
  • 8 Ohms Bridged: 1200W RMS
  • 4 Ohms Bridged: 1600W RMS
  • Class AB Technology
  • Status and clip LEDs
  • Thermal, overcurrent, DC and output short protect circuitry
  • 2 x Speakon outputs
  • 2 x XLR outputs to link other audio equipment
  • 2 x XLR inputs
  • Peak and protect LEDs
  • Built-in switchable limiter
  • Continuously variable speed fan
  • Suitable for small to medium sized venues


Working in stereo, parallel and bridged modes CPD1600 is built for a multitude of sound system formations. Brand new class AB topology has resulted in a dynamic, high headroom amp made for propelling your loudspeakers through thick and thin with complete clarity.
Precision Control
Large rotary dials accurately adjust gain levels, and you will know when to do so from the clear and simple front panel. A 4 segment led formation displays shows vital power status, level, limit and protect information, keeping the sound engineer in the know.
Protection & Durability
The CPD1600 is rife with technology that offers complete protection for your peace of mind. A built-in switchable limiter allows over 8Vrms signal through without distortion. Additionally it is equipped with thermal, overcurrent, DC and output short protect features. Professional audio equipment is an investment. That is why the adept components of the amplifier are housed within a 2U steel chassis which is universally rack mountable. This hard wearing all-steel casing also features a removable air filter in the front bracket which can be cleaned or replaced easily.
Easy Cleaning
Amplifiers often work in hot and dusty environments and, over time, the fans of an amplifier can easily suck this in.

Dirty cooling fans reduce efficiency and can lead to overheating.

Its for this reason that we made the CPD series easy to clean. Simply unscrew the front grille, bush off the air filters, and put the grille back on.

This easy maintenance means that a CPD amplifier can survive in the most hostile of working environments.


Stereo Power Output
8 Ohms x 2 400W RMS
4 Ohms x 2 620W RMS
Bridged Mono Output
8 Ohms 1200W RMS
4 Ohms 1600W RMS
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR, 2 x Speakon
Frequency Response 20Hz - 30KHz
Topology Class AB
Sensitivity 0dBu (0.775Vrms)
Input Impedance 20K Ohms
Maximum Input Level 22dBu (9.7Vrms)
Slew Rate >40V / us
Crosstalk <-70dB
Signal to Noise >100dB
Protection Switchable Limiter, Thermal protect, Over-current protect, Output DC protect, Output short protect, Power on/off mute
Display 4 segment LED
Cooling Variable Speed Fan
Dimensions 88 x 483 x 322mm
Net Weight 17kg / 37.48lbs
Gross Weight 19kg / 41.89lbs


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