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Micrófono dinámico Wharfedale DM 5.0

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El DM5.0s está hecho para cortar a través de la mezcla para una interpretación vocal en vivo detallada. Las altas capacidades de SPL combinadas con un patrón de captación supercardioide significa que el micrófono puede producir una alta ganancia antes de la retroalimentación y una alta relación señal / ruido. El micrófono también cuenta con un interruptor de encendido / apagado que ha sido diseñado específicamente para garantizar un cambio silencioso durante la actuación.

Key Features

  • Frequency Response 50Hz -12kHz
  • Live dynamic microphone
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • 600O Output Impedance
  • 135dB Max SPL
  • High performance capsule
  • Tailored for vocals
  • Also suitable for drums, guitar cabs and other high SPL sound sources
  • Supplied with a 5.0 meter XLR to XLR cable
  • Rugged cast metal body
  • Steel mesh grille
  • Internal pop shield
  • High SPL capabilities
  • Low distortion


The Latest Generation
The DM Series has been a microphone we have honed over the years in its many forms, and from price to performance, the latest model, the DM5.0s is something we're very proud of. More durable, better performance, affordable price and even a silent switch if you're looking for a live microphone, it's a clear choice as it sounds.
High SPL Capabilities
The DM5.0s has been developed for real performers and sound engineers who love live, loud music. The capsules inside DM microphones can withstand an extreme level SPL without distortion, keeping a clear sound for even the loudest of performers.
The DM5.0s single pack ships in a colour display box, complete with a 5.0m XLR to XLR cable so you can get performing straight out of the box.


Max SPL 135dB
Impedance 600O
Transducer type Dynamic
Pickup Pattern Supercardioid
Sensitivity -52dB(0dB=1V/Pa)
Off axis rejection >20dB at 180°
Cable/Connector 3 pin gold plated XLR to XLR
5.0 cable length
Housing Solid cast metal alloy
Frequency Response 50Hz -16kHz
Weight 300g
Single Pack includes Colour display box, XLR cable


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