Procesador de audio digital con 2 entradas y 4 salidas, VERSADRIVE SC 26 de Wharfedale

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Versadrive SC-36

El sistema de gestión de altavoces Versadrive ofrece todo el procesamiento de señales digitales y el control detallado que necesita un ingeniero de sonido en vivo.

Nos guste o no, es una realidad que los sistemas de megafonía son complejos. Se pasa mucho tiempo seleccionando las mejores combinaciones de altavoces y amplificadores, y los sistemas pueden crecer fácilmente. Por lo tanto, es esencial mantener el control para garantizar la mejor calidad de sonido en todo el equipo.
Empaquetado en un diseño de rack de 1U, un panel frontal intuitivo y conciso con pantalla LCD permite a los ingenieros realizar ajustes esenciales en la configuración de los altavoces con precisión.

Key Features

  • 3 x XLR inputs and 6 x XLR outputs
  • Complete digital sound processing solution
  • 8-band parametric EQ with low/high shelf
  • Limiter / Crossover / Filter
  • Independent processing for each output channel
  • 24-bit 96kHz AD/DA convertors
  • 40-bit internal processing
  • USB / RS232 and RS485 connectivity
  • User friendly software included
  • Password protection for venue install
DSP Quality
SC-36 features the highest quality 24-bit 96kHz AD/DA convertors and the internal DSP is handled by a 40-bit processor.  
From input and output phase adjustment, delay timing, compression, limiting, parametric EQ, and multiple choices of HP and LP filtering, it’s easy to tweak the parameters until the system is perfectly balanced. 
Control everything by PC
All elements of the Versadrive SC-36 can be controlled via PC.
Not only is this extremely convenient, but a clear central graphical representation of your EQ and crossover points are displayed. This also makes light work of copying channel settings and organising your presets.
Using the PC software also allows for system backups to be made.
Effects to control your rig
A huge selection of effects are at your fingertips.
On the input side SC-36 includes Gain, Mute, Link, High-pass filter, Low-pass filter, Noise Gate, 8-band parametric EQ, 31 band graphic EQ, Phase and Delay.
For the output section, make your setup using any combination of Crossover, 5-band parametric EQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor / Limiter, Phase, Delay and Linking.
Expand your rig
While one Versadrive SC-36 is powerful in its own right, the RS485 connection opens up capabilities to link up to 255 units, with remote control from up-to 1500 metres.
Complete stadiums, superclubs or any multi-room install is now easily managed by one person on their laptop. The USB connection and supplied software work as another visual aid with access to update your own presets for different events.


Model Name SC-36
Input effects Gain, Mute, Link, High-pass lter, Low-pass Filter, Noise Gate, 8PEQ, 31 band graphic EQ, Phase, Delay
Output effects Crossover, 5PEQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor / Limiter, Phase, Delay, Link
Software Included via CD or download. Full matrix input output control. Intuitive UI.
User Presets 20
Total units linkable 255 via RS486 and optional wireless router
Audio inputs 3 x Balanced XLR
Audio outputs 6 x Balanced XLR
USB 1 (PC Control)
Ethernet 1
RS232 Port 1
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
S/N Ratio >155 dBu
Distortion (THD) <0.005 @ 1kHz (0dBu)
Max Output level +20dBu
Impedance <500O
D/A Convertors 24-bit Sigma Delta
Sampling rate 96kHz
Display 20 x 2 LCD Parameter / Function Display, 5-Segment Led Level Display
Dimensions 480mm x 50mm x 45mm
Weight 2.62kg


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